Publisher Consultant Publisher Consultant
Salary Undisclosed / Full-time

London / Permanent

Affiliate Window Posted 6 years ago 2016-09-30 2016-09-05 Expired

Reference: JUL20160317

Location: London

Salary: Competitive

Benefits: Competitive


The Publisher Consultant role’s primary purpose is to sell in some of the more technical aspects of the Affiliate Window platform to the advertisers which are looked after by the Account Development (SME) department. The role will also regularly involve advising brands on how they can utilise new publisher technologies to grow their affiliate programme and push the boundaries of their online marketing tactics.

In this role you will be an expert in publisher technologies such as remarketing and retargeting, understanding how they can work in different contexts and how their strategies can be deployed for different advertiser objectives.

The Consultant is also responsible for identifying and understanding new business propositions from affiliates that we see joining the network. They will be responsible for making these commercially viable opportunities for the various advertiser brands we work with and for pitching these effectively during client meetings.


  • I have an excellent grasp of how publisher technologies (e.g. remarketing, retargeting) work and am able to communicate this effectively to others
  • I have experience of affiliate marketing and understand how it works within the context of the wider digital marketing landscape
  • I produce aesthetically pleasing marketing collateral
  • I can present in a way that inspires confidence in my knowledge
  • I can tailor my presentations based on an advertiser’s marketing goals
  • I know which factors to use when prioritising meeting requests
  • I can push back without causing offence
  • I can work pro-actively and autonomously, using my initiative to undertake new projects


  • I am familiar with the more prominent publishers in the affiliate marketing industry and how they work
  • I can explain why publishers don’t all work to a traditional CPA model
  • I understand the variances in how a publisher might operate across different regions
  • I can objection handle for all publisher types
  • I can differentiate between those publisher opportunities that are commercially viable and those that aren’t


  • I can advise an advertiser which opportunities are worth pursuing
  • I can take advantage of seasonality and make a difference at peak trading times
  • I am aware of key trends within the performance marketing industry
  • I understand how to work out ROI against fixed marketing costs
  • I can gauge what a suitable ROI will be for clients with different budgets


  • I know the various providers of retargeting and remarketing activity
  • I can identify the type of clients that will benefit from working with a new technology partner
  • I take an active interest in the latest innovations in the online advertising industry
  • I have a basic understanding of mobile marketing


  • I can develop a broad range of contacts within the publisher base
  • I can contribute thought provoking PR pieces to industry bodies
  • I can create a name for myself as a useful addition to an advertiser’s support service


  • I will track the discussions and outcomes of the meetings I have
  • I will create case studies for things that go well
  • I will create case studies to prevent repeating mistakes that advertisers make


The successful candidate will have experience in dealing with clients at a senior level, presenting, making recommendations and advising on strategy. You should have experience working in an online marketing role, ideally with experience of working with or for a technology-based publisher, and have a good understanding of the affiliate marketing industry as well as other online performance marketing channels. You will be highly motivated and able to work autonomously at times.