The industry is evolving, so we are too.

After months of behind the scenes planning and tinkering, finally we can announce that our brand new publication Hello Partner is live!

Hello Partner is your helping hand for building profitable partnerships. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, we aim to provide you with the essential hub for navigating the interconnecting worlds of performance marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and the creator economy.

These four categories will form the basis for all of our content, which will consist of even more juicy deep dives, insightful interviews with industry leaders, and breaking news. You can also look forward to new features, such as our ‘Movers and Shakers’ revamp ‘The Top Line’, which will focus more on new and exciting job positions, as well as key partnerships.

Our live events are all about connecting the industry and strengthening the sense of community across channels, and Hello Partner will function as a digital extension of this space. There will be more opportunity to voice your thoughts, opinions, and questions about the industry via features like ‘Overheard in the Partnerships Lounge’, where members of our Guild group can make submissions.

You can also look forward to more webinars, reports, podcasts, and round tables.

Explore our membership tiers to get the best experience possible out of Hello Partner. Paid members will receive access to not only the best content but also upcoming business intelligence reports, recorded sessions from PI LIVE and the Influencer Marketing Show, our exclusive networking event, and much more. Members also receive access to recorded speaker sessions from PI LIVE and the Influencer Marketing Show.

Sign up to our new newsletter for all the best content of the week, as well as the new section ‘Partnership of the Week’, keeping you up to date with trailblazing partnerships. Paid members will also receive three exclusive features in their newsletter: ‘Top Tip for Next Week’, ‘Top Three LinkedIn Posts of the Week’, and an agony aunt-style section titled ‘What’s Your Problem?’

To be clear, this isn’t the complete end of PerformanceIN. The site will remain active, and will evolve in the coming months. Keep watching this space, as there are exciting plans in the pipeline. But to keep up to date with the latest news and features, head over to Hello Partner.

So, come join us on this exciting new publication, and sign up to Hello Partner now!