The industry is evolving, so we are too. 

PerformanceIN has always been dedicated to building a community in the performance marketing space, whilst facilitating industry debate, providing education, and rewarding innovation. Now, our aim is to bridge a gap. 

The barriers between marketing channels are breaking down. The performance, affiliate, and influencer marketing spheres are no longer siloed, but instead, converging under the umbrella of partnerships. 

This is why PerformanceIN and our sister publication, Talking Influence, are merging together to create one powerhouse – Hello Partner

Why will Hello Partner benefit you?

With its roots way back to 2001, PerformanceIN has been the leading global performance marketing publication since 2011. For the past 11 years, PI has been dedicated to shedding light on the most important matters and trends in the measurable side of marketing including, but not limited to, all things affiliate, biddable media, and data-driven marketing.

More recently, particularly over the past year, PerformanceIN has noticed how influencer marketing has been filtering into the performance space, and this has been reflected in our content. 

Whereas performance marketers and brands who were solidified in their performance marketing strategies may have previously been apprehensive about the rise of influencer marketing, the increasing professionalism of the influencer and creator economy means that it is no longer an entirely separate marketing channel. 

Hello Partner will not only allow previous PerformanceIN readers to continue digesting the latest in the performance space but will also open your eyes to the world of influencer marketing and ultimately, how broadening your approach to partnerships will see your ROI skyrocket. 

Be a partner throughout this journey 

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this brand-new venture into the partnerships space. We understand you may have some questions, which is why the Hello Partner team will also have a stand at PI LIVE London and the Influencer Marketing Show next week where we will be happy to invite you over for a chat. 

We can’t wait to have you on board as a partner on this exciting journey, with the official rollout of the publication happening in November.

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