This week, Channel 4 announced a new partnership with 4Sales and ViewersLogic. The press release states that it will “provide advertisers with a new and highly accurate way to measure TV effectiveness and understand how their TV spend impacts hard business metrics like sales, footfall, app downloads, account openings, and more.”

The partnership has generated a “new industry standard platform” that will provide advertisers with accurate results by measuring individual consumers’ journeys to purchase. A selective group of TV viewers, representative of the UK population, will be incentivised to download ViewersLogic’s state-of-the-art panel-based app, which will then track individuals’ journeys from viewing ad to purchase. 

The app collects relevant data from user activity across “linear TV, mobile and tablets, as well as geographical location and offline purchases.” Brands can then use this data to accurately measure the uplift in their KPIs that have come about as a result of a TV campaign. 

This in turn allows brands to compare the performance of current campaigns with past ones, as well as those of their competitors.

The platform will initially be offered to selected clients who advertise on Channel 4.

Ewan Douglas, Head of Sales & Business Development at Channel 4, said he feels “incredibly proud” of the partnership’s developments, and believes the platform will “transform how the market can attribute the success of a TV campaign.” Douglas also commented that whilst the platform is currently exclusive to Channel 4 advertisers, he hopes to see the technology eventually spread throughout the sector.

Hassan Khan, VP Sales at ViewersLogic, states that the platform will be “driving the future of linear TV advertising”, as advertisers can “finally” be provided with an “accurate understanding of the actual effectiveness of their TV campaigns.”