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Facebook Slashes Ad Growth for Good User Experience

Facebook has announced its advertising revenues will slow down “meaningfully” next year as the social media platform cuts down on the number of ads appearing on the newsfeed, in order to maintain good user experience. Read on.

Convertr Media Set to Go Global with £3 Million Investment

Convertr Media, a specialist in customer acquisition, has announced £3 million in Series A funding from UK venture capital investor Albion Ventures. Read on.

INside Events: Photos Now Available from Performance Marketing Insights: London

Photos of Performance Marketing Insights’ return to London last week are now available over on the event’s Facebook page.

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Spotlight on…

Anthony Clements

The Affiliate Window country manager asks, ‘Is technology the real problem for ad blockers?’ Find out here.

Sri Sharma

Tech entrepreneur, investor, founder of NMP, NASA Singularity University grad – we caught up with Sri Sharma at Performance Marketing Insights . You can watch the full interview here

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Mark Haupt: How Can Online Retailers Make the Most of Google’s Summer Updates?

“Google recently announced the launch of several new features this summer, but what do they mean for online retailers looking to work on their online strategy?” Read on.

Jessica Maurer: Five New Ways to Look at Mobile Ad Targeting

“According to a 2013 survey, some 40% of the population suffers from “nomophobia,” the fear of being without one’s device.” Here are several ways you might not have thought about, that can help to tap into the potential. Read on.

Sebastien Blanc: E-commerce, Data and Advertising – in that Order

“Amid all the hype around martech and ad tech, it is easy to forget that advertising revenues are dwarfed by e-commerce.” Read on.