Online deal site Groupon has announced Snap, a new mobile app that directly competes with cashback publishers.

Groupon Snap lets consumers earn money from the items they purchase. The app requires shoppers to buy a listed item and then take a photo of the receipt before cashback is rewarded.

While the model is different to the traditional cashback business that targets online shoppers, there are some publishers that have evolved to support the offline consumer too, such as TopCashback and its Snap & Save feature.

Groupon Snap takes advantage of the modern consumer’s buying trends, where a weekly shop might revolve around discounted items, by allowing people to build their own shopping list of featured items from inside the app. 

Weekly groceries

Rather than going after high-value products that consumers tend to buy online. Snap offers cashback on all manner of grocery products including bread, milk, household items, personal care and cleaning supplies. 

One aspect of Groupon that the company is looking to leverage is the user base it has amassed through its flagship daily deal app, according to vice president and general manager, Sean Smyth.

“Snap builds on Groupon’s enormous mobile footprint of almost 92 million global app downloads, while allowing brands to connect with shoppers in a far more personal and targeted way,” he said.

Snap will at first be limited to the US and Canada, operating as a test bed for the mobile app as Groupon mulls over a roll out markets outside of North America.