Throughout times of crisis, a CPS model can provide the solutions we need to ensure ROI can be sustained. This is evident from the growth of the channel over the past year, and the fact that it continues to be an attractive solution for many, including SMEs, startups and incubators.

Admitad Affiliate and SimilarWeb’s latest report proves this, as well as the obvious benefits for both advertisers that can come from the channel.

What is so interesting about this report’s results is the split between the top ten global ad networks incoming traffic to fashion and apparel e-commerce sites. Awin was fourth in the list, with Google Display Network leading the pack and Criteo in a close second. Sub-network Skimlinks which has been increasingly adopted by content publishers and influencers has shown an incredible rise in outbound traffic, earning its place between Criteo and Awin.

Daily Mail and General Trust owned almost doubled its outgoing traffic to eCommerce partners, generating the fifth highest amount of outgoing traffic and establishing itself as a reliable partner for traffic generation. This could well be attributed to their partnership with Global Savings Group which has fueled a huge rise in rank for the on discount led terms within the SERPS on Google over the last 12 months.

Whatever the cause, it’s great to see a traditional publisher adopting the channel in such a dominating way. The Daily Mail totalled 5,250,000 outgoing visits, with 30.74% of those visits to the ‘Computers, Electrics and Technology’ category.

More Key Takeaways

● Traffic across the top 500 global fashion and apparel e-commerce sites grew by 33% between Q1 2020 and Q1 2021.

● Most of the traffic has been brought in by social media (Youtube, Facebook) and coupon websites.

● Paid traffic remains one of the most important channels, as well as display advertising and affiliate marketing.

Display advertising and affiliate marketing have been two of the key marketing strategies for Fashion & Apparel sites over the last 12 months. The increase in spend in these channels implies other industries will follow suit and turn to performance marketing.

“In 2021, we expect to see further growth in influencer marketing and social media traffic as well as sales across multiple industries, not just clothes and shoes. Multiple streaming platforms are implementing affiliate tools for content creators in order to increase revenue and discover new audiences.” – Igor Gubin, EU Region Manager at Admitad Affiliate Network.

For more charts and details, check out the full Inside AdTech report.

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