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Awin Launches Bounceless Tracking for Publishers

Awin Launches Bounceless Tracking for Publishers


Bounceless Tracking is a new privacy-centric approach which is exclusively available in Awin’s Publisher MasterTag.

Following recent testings and developments to its Advertiser and Publisher MasterTag, global network Awin has announced its exclusive technology available for all publishers — Bounceless Tracking.

Future-proofing the affiliate marketing channel has been a big talking point this year with Awin leading the discussions head-on in ensuring both advertisers’ and publishers’ programmes are ‘future-proofed’ in today’s digital climate.

In particular, with the new browser updates and privacy concerns raising more awareness around protecting consumer data online, tracking across all digital marketing channels has become increasingly more difficult as user choices with browsers continue to change. 

Among its technology solutions for advertisers and publishers, Awin presents its Bounceless Tracking. Having teased the key attributes at ThinkTank 2019 in June, Bounceless Tracking is a new privacy-centric approach to attributing sales in a privacy protection setting. Exclusively available within the Tracking Optimisation Plugin, Bounceless Tracking sends a user directly to an advertiser’s website without any redirects. 

According to Awin, the tracking call is made asynchronously via the Publisher MasterTag without affecting the user journey in any way for smoother, faster user-focused affiliate tracking. 

Both the Tracking Optimisation Plugin and Bounceless Tracking are available in Awin’s Publisher MasterTag and can be accessed by any affiliate who has turned on and installed the MasterTag via its interface.

Find out more about both technology solutions and catch up with our highlights from ThinkTank 2019 here.

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Mustafa Mirreh

Mustafa Mirreh

Mustafa is a senior journalist at PerformanceIN. Reporting on the latest day-to-day news and updates from the world of performance marketing, while also doing social media promotion, live reporting of events, article features and interviewing key industry players.


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