Awin’s third annual conference, ThinkTank UK, is just two weeks away (June 13) where hundreds of advertisers, publishers and partners will descend to the iconic County Hall in Westminster, London, for an action-packed day of industry discussion and networking on the latest trends impacting the affiliate channel.

PerformanceIN is a sponsor and official media partner of ThinkTank UK, where we’ll be reporting on the key developments and interviewing event speakers throughout the day.

Influencer marketing and authenticity

With the overarching theme being on Future-Proofing, we provided a preview of what was to come from this key session with Awin’s product team Mihaela Draghici and Stephen Short set to discuss how Awin is responding to the growing changes challenging the affiliate industry today. This week, we take a look into another marketing channel that has expanded rapidly the past few years – influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing has become an avenue for advertising and marketing performance with brands, agencies, platforms and affiliates all making investments in the channel. At ThinkTank UK, the Awin team will be hosting Authenticity as the Path to Longevity in Influencer Marketing that will touch on emerging trends that are impacting success and failure of influencer marketing. Presented by influencer partnerships manager, Carina Toledo and commercial contracts manager, Kate Irvine, both members will be examining what has made audiences flock to influencer marketing and how brands can sustain long-term success in this new media space, with examples of what Awin advertisers have partaken in the last 12 months.

“This talk will discuss consumer perception of content on social platforms compared to other forms of advertising as the main factor impacting success and failure of influencer marketing campaigns,” said Carina.

“With a focus on longevity of the influencer industry, we will examine the highs and lows of recent years, including the funny guffs, the embarrassing blunders, but also the well-executed strategies that Awin advertisers have partaken in 2018,” added Kate.

The session’s approach won’t be exactly practical, with ready-made how-to’s however: “By examining the industries wins and losses, we’re hoping to give our audience insight into the thought process that should inform their campaigns to guarantee success in years to come and keep their brand message stable through the rapidly changing tides and trends of digital content and media,” explained Carina.

In addition to the main sessions, the retail, travel and telecoms sectors will be under the spotlight during the afternoon breakout sessions. Furthermore, guests will have the chance to participate in an Interactive Industry Quiz before the closing fireside chat with The Awin Board, as well as enjoying complimentary meals and a drinks reception to close the event. 

Register your place for ThinkTank 2019 here and be sure not to miss the future-proofing session. View the rest of the agenda here.