PerformanceIN is the official media partner of Awin’s third annual cross-sector conference, ThinkTank UK, which is taking place at the iconic County Hall in Westminster, London on June 13, and there’s much to anticipate.

Welcoming over 300 advertisers, publishers and partners to the hub of Westminster, the event will provide attendees with insight and analysis into the latest affiliate marketing industry developments and attendees will leave with plenty of actionable takeaways designed to enhance their marketing strategies.

This year’s ThinkTank UK agenda will cover a diverse spectrum of topics that continue to impact the affiliate channel in addition to interactive workshops and a panel discussion from the Awin Board on the frequent trends and challenges emerging from the industry. The overall theme for 2019 is future-proofing and there is going to be a dedicated session on the subject.

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With data privacy a hot topic right now – think the General Data Protection Regulation anniversary and recent browser updates from the likes of Safari, Firefox and Google – users are making more informed, conscious decisions than ever before about how their data is handled, resulting in businesses facing the direct impact brought on by the changes. With this in mind, Awin’s Future-Proofing session will cover how these changes are challenging the channel and digital advertising in general and how the Awin is responding to them. 

Presented by Awin’s product team Mihaela Draghici and Stephen Short, the duo will discuss what they have done to ensure programmes on the network continue to excel in this current paradigm and beyond. 

Both Draghici and Short say the conversation will first focus on Awin’s Hybrid Tracking solutions (Advertiser MasterTag, Conversion Tag and the Server to Server integration) and the importance for advertisers to use the full tracking suite. 

“We will also look at automation solutions that allow you to focus your time on strategic decisions, as well as new tools to facilitate discovery and connection with tech partners that help build meaningful partnerships beyond the traditional affiliate model. This will be followed by highlights of our upcoming roadmap and the tools we are working on to help stimulate growth for your business,” they said.

Register your place for ThinkTank 2019 here and be sure not to miss the future-proofing session. View the rest of the agenda here.