Webgains has announced the launch of its multi-touchpoint attribution model (MTA) as part of an exclusive partnership with e-commerce attribution and conversion analysis platform CUBED. 

The model, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology and automation to track the entirety of the purchase lifecycle, will become fully integrated into the affiliate networks’ GDPR and ITP 2.0 compliant first-party tracking code with the aim to identify key touch points in the purchasing funnel and effectively reward affiliate partners and publishers at the source.

Since the rollout of ITP 2.0 and GDPR in 2018, there’s been a lot of questions surrounding the commission process among affiliates and whether this would have a long-term impact on cookie tracking. With the focus on advertisers becoming more compliant with their tracking, Webgains innovative solution provides some much-needed flexibility for merchants by going beyond last-click in the purchasing cycle and clarifying the touch points and channels that are best performing and rewarding them accordingly in the process. 

Furthermore, this allows the advertiser to distribute the rewarded commission at a much earlier stage to non-traditional publishers, such as influencers, so that they don’t miss out and evidently build a better relationship with their partners.

According to a statement, the tool will process billions of data points each month and will offer detailed insight to advertisers, who in turn will be able to further develop their understanding of the customer journey.

“The new partnership with CUBED will allow Webgains to identify all points on the sales path, not just the final click, and offer the ability to recognise and reward all publishers, including blogs, content, cashback and reward sites, that contribute throughout the purchase lifecycle. Tens of millions of clicks will be tracked and analysed every month, giving the clearest ever view of the influences of every customer’s journey, from first to last-click,” said Richard Dennys, CEO of Webgains.

“Webgains’ partnership with CUBED allows us to offer full service for the next generation of tracking. As this exciting tool is provided with our GDPR and ITP 2.0 compliant tracking solution as standard, we are able to provide our advertisers with full transparency in evaluating their affiliate transactions within market-leading multi-channel attribution,” added Derek Freer, UK managing director at Webgains.

“CUBED are super excited to partner with Webgains to support their goal to help their customers better understand the true value of marketing. The seamless integration into their tag means that within seconds we can start capturing data allowing for the machine learning to really take over to create insights,” comment CUBED CEO Russell McAthy.

The launch of the CUBED-powered MTA model follows the international affiliate network’s recent partnership announcement with Humanise.AI as Webgains continues to bring innovative, data-driven technologies into their product offering.