Further enhancing its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, global affiliate network Webgains has announced a new partnership with London-based company Humanise.AI ahead of the network’s exhibition at PI LIVE next week.

With the global affiliate network already working on a number of key AI-driven projects and feature developments via its existing relationship with IBM, Webgains is now looking to broaden its reach into this technology through a number of parallel solution providers and across a number of different use cases.

As part of the partnership with Humanise.AI, Webgains’ technical team will be merged alongside the Humanise.AI team in London to help guide and inform the conceptual understandings on both sides as well as help train and launch the resulting technologies to new prospects.

On top of this, Duncan Anderson, CEO of Humanise.AI and ex-CTO (Europe) of IBM Watson will be engaged as the technical adviser working alongside Webgains R&D product and development teams based in Bristol UK.

‘Hybrid’ mix of interactions

Among the first of the projects confirmed is utilising AI-driven technology to significantly reduce the time to live (TTL) for advertisers to promote their products and services online via Webgains global affiliate network, using a ‘hybrid’ mix of human interaction supported by AI and machine learning capabilities.

“This exclusive partnership is a natural fit for us. Our engineers are super excited to be working with such a leading edge team,” said Webgains CEO Richard Dennys; “The whole performance marketing industry is notorious for extended times-to-launch.”

“As part of our internal process review we worked out that from signing a contract to going live could take up to one year in worst cases, involving over 100 separate activities. Our early AI-driven pilot work on this has seen in some cases this reduced to days, hours and in one case just minutes. When we are launching up to 100 new advertisers per month these efficiencies really add up to a significant aggregation of marginal gains.”

Webgains’ partnership with Humanise.AI extends the network’s push into the world of AI, following the affiliate network’s research partnership with IBM last year

Webgains will be further showcasing their AI explorations at PI LIVE this month. Catch up with PerformanceIN’s interview with Dennys here.