PerformanceIN has today (December 16) launched the PerformanceIN 50, a list of the most important and influential figures in performance marketing throughout the course of 2017.

The list, which is available to view here, has been launched in order to recognise active members of the performance marketing community, which through their talent, influence and innovation, contribute to the industry’s advancement.

As such, the list features a rich variety of technologists, founders, channel specialists and brand marketers, with the final selection steered by an inundation of nominations from the industry itself.

Speaking on the process of curating the final PerformanceIN 50 list in its inaugural year, PerformanceIN’s head of content, Mark Jones, called it a “difficult, but rewarding” task.

“With such a wealth of talent and influence within the performance marketing community, it was incredibly hard to narrow it down to just 50 individuals – it was inspiring to read the nominations, many of which were truly heartfelt.

“The PerformanceIN 50 2017 is a tribute to the rich variety of skills, talent and leadership we’re lucky enough to have driving the industry; there are, of course, hundreds – if not thousands – of others that are deserving of similar recognition.”

How we chose

The first-ever PerformanceIN 50 list proved to be one of PerformanceIN’s most popular and highly-anticipated features of 2017, and as a result, received an influx of nominations from across the industry.

Every single nomination was reviewed and considered, with multiple nominations – especially on behalf of a variety of companies – considered an indicator of the candidates’ influence at PerformanceIN’s discretion.

In selecting the final candidates, the list’s curators endeavoured to showcase a variety of disciplines and job levels to represent the broad set of attributes that can be said to be having a tangible effect on advancing the greater industry.

With the list set to return in similar form next year, due to popularity, PerformanceIN plans to implement additional guidelines for nominations and appoint a dedicated advisory board of industry professionals to contribute to the final decision.

Final congratulations on behalf of the PerformanceIN team to all the individuals in the PerformanceIN 50 list and their respective companies and thanks to all who nominated.

View the PerformanceIN 50 2017