Lead iD is an interactive direct marketing company utilising proprietary technology, internal websites and mobile traffic to deliver leads, sales and installs on a performance basis. Advertisers partner with Lead iD to identify marketing prospects and be directed to relevant offers.

Clients working with Lead iD gain direct access to the company’s flagship websites, including WeeklyGetaway.net and SamplesandRebates.com, in addition to blog traffic, mobile network, email marketing lists and a private publisher network, Ad-Monster.com.    

The challenge

Lead iD works with hundreds of advertisers and affiliates and it needs to be able to track the performance of multiple marketing campaigns for all clients, across numerous channels and geographic areas. To achieve this efficiently and accurately, Lead iD needed a solution capable of capturing and reporting detailed metrics related to performance. It would also need to enable Lead iD to proactively implement real-time changes to optimise campaign performance.

Another challenge was posed by the need for results to be quickly analysed, and for changes to be put in place across a number of campaign delivery factors ranging from affiliate payouts to fraud prevention, as well as offer set up, testing and geo/device-targeting.     

CAKE’s solution

Lead iD selected CAKE for its ability to track the digital campaigns it runs on its internal properties and on behalf of its partners, at a very granular level. The solution was used to set up, test and dynamically serve offers, create offer contracts, track campaign performance and manage payouts in a simpler way.

The company also used several CAKE APIs to deliver mobile installs on a CPI basis. For example, it set up multiple variations of a single offer so that different payouts, price formats and geo-targeted areas could be linked to the offer without extensive customisation. Ads can be easily optimised across the locations they will deliver on. This could be the homepages of Lead iD’s web properties, the post-registration offer flow or mobile web pages.

Additionally, the company also uses CAKE to:

Cap the number of conversions allowed for a specific offer depending on an advertiser’s budget or publisher’s requirements
Take advantage of email templates and alerts to automate communication with affiliates
More accurately measure traffic quality to root out fraud
Improve campaign targeting and optimisation of mobile campaigns by connection speed, device type, operating system and more
Target campaigns by language and location, including specific countries, states, cities and zip codes

CAKE’s tracking capabilities go beyond conversion, helping Lead iD understand post-conversion events such as app usage and activities taken after an email registration, presenting opportunities for upsells and additional sales.

Thanks to CAKE, Lead iD is armed with a comprehensive set of tracking and campaign management tools to ensure that it’s delivering high-quality marketing services to its many clients.

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