The rate of consumers abandoning their e-commerce shopping carts this year has so far remained on an even keel, and Q3 has been no exception.

That’s according to findings by SaleCycle, which show that a slight increase in cart abandonment rates from 74.32% in Q1 to 74.52% in Q2 has been balanced by the numbers dropping slightly again in the third quarter, reaching a steady 74.4%.

According to the remarketing company, some of the common reasons for cart abandonment are issues with shipping – be it cost or time, high prices or consumers’ desire to compare them with other retailers – as well as purchasing items in-store rather than online. Most commonly, however, consumers leave their online baskets because they are researching, or “just looking” (34%).

This time last year, cart abandonment rates amounted to 76.6% across retail, travel and fashion. The decrease observed this year, as compared to 2015, has been previously explained by SaleCycle as a result of maturing markets, greater consumer insights and web personalisation.

The infographics below provide an in-depth breakdown on the cart abandonment landscape in Q3.