Following the European Performance Marketing roundtable at PMI: Europe 2015, PerformanceIN is delighted to present its latest expert-led digital supplement.

It was a hard task attempting to sum up all the big talking points in performance marketing across Europe within a single resource, but we think we’ve nailed it.

To provide an idea of the situation at hand, performance marketing is enjoying some of its best success in Europe. Britain, Germany and France may be leading the charge in terms of advertiser spend, yet emerging markets such as Poland and Sweden could provide a great deal of competition over the next few years. 

There are no shortage of challenges to overcome. However, in the increasing use of data, successful ventures into the world of offline selling and digital marketing becoming all the more measurable, the industry also has plenty to look forward to.

Our experts were unanimous in their verdict over one particular matter: the current position of performance and how it’s set to get a whole lot bigger. Whether you work on the ad tech, publisher, advertiser or network side of things, our latest supplement will put you in good stead for 2015 and beyond.

The European Performance Marketing in 2015 digital supplement is now available to download exclusively at PerformanceIN.