In a new compact roundup, PerformanceIN will bring you the stories that made the headlines in ‘Mobile’ over the past four weeks.  

April was a significant month for mobile. Google’s new ‘mobile-friendly’ update caused websites to slide up or down the search engine results pages depending on how well they cater for smartphones.

In light of the changes, PerformanceIN delivered a five step “mobilegeddon” survival guide.

Rising tide

Spend on mobile advertising could hit $100 billion next year, according to eMarketer, as budgets for tablets and smartphones prepare to rise 430% since 2013.

The firm remarked that the proliferation of smartphones and tablets worldwide was driving a shift in advertising from desktop.

Luckily, Fliplet’s Ian Broom was on hand for a masterclass on five ways to master app creation, arguing that with such a rising tide in mobile usage, businesses that turn their backs on a mobile-first strategy do so at their peril.

Also in April, Headway Digital had some top tips on measuring ROI within global mobile campaigns.

Shifting habits

April saw Millennial Media’s S.M.A.R.T. Year in Review report, which unveiled the major trends in mobile advertising over the past year.

Millennial Media revealed the key insights from the report to PerformanceIN, including how advertisers are taking advantage of mobile video advertising and the ways in which video is being used as part of performance-based campaigns.

And as consumer habits have shifted, first to the desktop and now to mobile, longstanding newspapers such as France’s Le Figaro have had to follow suit.

Thanks to Fiksu’s technology, Le Figaro was able to create a dominant presence on both desktop and mobile and reach no.1 in the ‘News’ category in the French App Store.