A new display ad commission model which allows advertisers to only pay publishers when users surpass a certain amount of time on their site has been launched.

Guaranteed Visit Duration from Solocal Group, a provider of display ad solutions, gives brands access to a different kind of banner ad space across 50,000 sites. From there, whether or not they pay for their clicks will rest on the amount of time a user spends on their landing page, which is determined before the interaction is made.   

Talking to PerformanceIN, Adrien Lepage, global sales director at Solocal Group, claimed the new payout structure takes inspiration from another of the company’s services – entitled double-click – which only triggers a payout once users have interacted with an ad and an element of the landing page.

Client demand

The company has made Guaranteed Visit Duration available worldwide and early adoption from brands such as L’Oreal, Mattel and Bayer Bepanthen has signified an immediate demand for the new pay structure.

Lepage said that positive feedback from such clients had driven forward plans to launch Guaranteed Visit Duration, which is released through the company’s display ad arm, Horyzon Media.

“The idea of Guaranteed Visit Duration came from us listening to the needs of our client base,” he commented.

“A few years ago we launched a ‘double click’ offer with the same mindset, whereby the client was only invoiced if the user clicked at least twice – once on the advertisement and then once on the advertiser’s website. This approached proved to be hugely successful but we always wanted to go further.”

Making progress

Lepage said plenty of credit should go in the direction of Solocal’s global technology partner Appnexus, which helped with the technical site of its new product.

Based in France but with offices in London, Spain, and Austria, Solocal Group is hoping to make headway off the back of a hugely successful 2013.

The company, which also offers online content, geolocation and multichannel ad services, ended last year with recorded ad revenues of over £800 million.