Two of America’s leading digital ad measurement companies in Datalogix and comScore have announced a new partnership which will afford offline retailers the luxury of establishing digital ad ROI.

The pair have joined forces to introduce their Joint Measurement Solution to members of the high street. Clients will typically have investments in digital advertising but lack the tools to assess whether they have any impact on sales.

Using comScore’s digital ad campaign analytics tools and Datalogix’s offline sales data, retailers will be able to see which approaches are working and how they can optimise their online ad performance.

Another aim for the partnership is to help marketers understand the effect that online ad viewability has on their company’s bottom line. 

Better together?

E-commerce retailers can use web-based programs such as Google Analytics to pinpoint which consumers went on to purchase items after clicking an ad. 

By taking advantage of the new link-up, high street stores will be offered the same option via plethora of digital ad measurement tools. 

This will allow offline stores to fine-tune their digital ad activity for maximum effect, as stated by Eric Roza, CEO at Datalogix.

“For brand advertisers, it’s a vital one-two punch in campaign measurement: Are my ads being seen and are they driving sales?,” he commented. 

“Our joint solution brings together comScore’s viewability measurement with Datalogix’s household-level sales data to give advertisers a 360-degree view of the effectiveness of their campaigns. Through this solution, brand advertisers can measure the real-world sales impact of their campaigns and optimize those campaigns at scale to be more effective.”

In-depth reporting 

Analytics products available through the partnership include comScore’s validated Campaign Essentials (vCE), which will be linked to $2 trillion worth of consumer purchase data from Datalogix to apply a sales angle to impression-level reporting.   

From there, marketers will be able to better determine the most effective ad channels, formats and designs for reaching their desired audiences.  

Services from the partnership are being offered to comScore’s US clients with no immediate plans for global expansion.