New research shows that smartphone-friendly voucher codes and discounts are most likely to be used for purchasing food and beverages.

A survey of 15,000 US shoppers from Scanbuy, the mobile engagement solutions provider, reveals that 55% of consumers frequently use mobile coupons for getting the best deal out of their groceries and trips to the restaurant.

This was viewed as by far the most popular category for coupon usage, above apparel (16%), electronics (14%), health and beauty (12%) and tools and hardware (3%).

Other findings from the study demonstrated just how many Americans now use digital coupons for purchasing items.

Bargain hunters

In a more general overview of coupon usage in the US, Scanbuy showed that over half of the respondents (51%) use discount apps at least once a month. A total of 20% are seeing the value in daily use for gaining the best deals, and perhaps also for trying new things.

Just under half of the group (47%) said they would try a new product on the proviso that a discount was present and 23% said they “almost always” would go for an introductory offer.

With 57% of consumers opting for an online search to find out more about a new product, discount publishers may see the value in boosting their investments in highly visible forms of advertising, such as display and PPC.

Maryann Moschides, vice president of marketing at Scanbuy, said the findings highlight the “ever-increasing” influence of smartphones on consumer shopping behaviour as well as their attitudes towards certain products.