Mobile publishers now have the option to combine web analytics with app usage stats thanks to the new Audience Interests report from audience measurement technology Quantcast.

Distributed by Quantcast Measure, the new guidance lets publishers build a more accurate picture of a user’s habits as they flit between the two parts of a mobile’s ecosystem.

Audience Interests can also show the route a user might take before making an in-app purchase. Insights such as a list of top sites visited by a specific audience can give publishers feedback on acquisition sources.

What makes an audience tick

Seeing what spurs a consumer to make an in-app purchase is far from being the only useful metric provided by Audience Interests, according to Jag Duggal, senior vice president of product management at Quantcast.

“With the amount of time people now spend on mobile devices, we made it a priority to address the information gap for mobile. With Audience Interests in Quantcast Measure, both Web and app publishers can identify the top interests of their audiences,” he said.

Quantcast is offering web and mobile app publishers the chance to download Audience Interests at no extra cost, providing they are users of Quantcast Measure.