While cost per action has a hefty contribution to most marketing channels, in video advertising it is becoming increasingly marginalised.

New research by video advertising platform Videology shows that 96% of advertisers purchase video ads in a guaranteed cost per mille (CPM) way, compared to only 4% who used the CPA model.

On the subject of reserved buying at a fixed CPM, Rich Astley, Videology’s UK MD, believes it has become a part of how advertisers acquire video space and that they are looking for TV-like buying in the digital arena.

“As television and video buying becomes more converged advertisers want to know they can purchase video in the same way regardless of which screen it will be broadcast on,” Astley said.

“Guaranteed, programmatic buying is at the core of our offering, and it is clearly having an effect.”

Astley’s thoughts were reinforced further by Videology’s research, drawn from the 852 million impressions on its platform between April 1 and June 30 2014, as multi-device campaigns running across PC, mobile and TV doubled for the period.

You can see more of Videology’s insights in the following infographic.