Enterprise tag management system Ensighten has launched Inform, a product designed to get marketers more involved in web page testing, page performance and tagging inspection.

Such tasks have previously been assigned to an advertiser’s IT team, but as companies increasingly look at more ways to break down silos, departmental responsibilities become more fluid.

While Ensighten previously purchased TagMan, PerformanceIN has learned that Inform was in development before the acquisition took place, and so those new employees have had little to do with building the platform.

Testing no longer IT’s responsibility

Ensighten’s founder and CEO Josh Manion has positioned Inform to capitalise on this newfound notion that companies are requiring more interaction among all staff involved in marketing strategy and implementation.

“Up to this point, testing and monitoring have required deep technical knowledge,” explained Manion. “Even when marketers have deployed their own tags through a tag management system, they have needed to rely on IT for tag and site monitoring.”

“Ensighten Inform changes the game by empowering marketers to test and monitor their website from a user-friendly workflow within Ensighten Manage. Marketers will be able to identify and address critical website issues, allowing them for the first time to truly own their customer experiences.”

Three stages of testing

Under Inform there are three areas of testing. The first – web page testing – gives marketers tag performance feedback by testing tag deployments on a page, syntax testing and tag code validity.

Next is performance testing, which helps marketers understand potential performance issues such as page load and connection times. Finally, critical path testing ensures essential site functionality such as registration or checkout is flowing correctly.

Inform is being restricted to certain brands including Symantec, Suncorp and Virgin Australia at present. However, Ensighten states the platform will hit general availability in September.