Marketing platform DAU-UP has announced the launch of its performance-based mobile gamer acquisition solution after a six-month beta phase.

DAU-UP devised its product to ensure that mobile and social game developers not only have the right players delivered to the right games, but that those users have a strong ROI associated to them

Using key performance indicators (KPIs) supplied by the game’s developer helps the platform to hone in on those aforementioned right players based on their prospective engagement and monetisation.

Scaled campaigns

Accuracy is said to come from DAU-UP’s games database and then once acquisition campaigns are underway, they can then be scaled accordingly after going through the testing and optimisation phase.

Whether a developer is launching a new casual game or looking to increase revenue of a five-year-old role-playing game, the acquisition platform is said to know which players to target and what creative to use.

The company will be hoping this new release will continue its performance, which in the last year has seen staffing levels double and its customer base triple in terms of the games currently being promoted.