Socialtools is media agency ZenithOptimedia’s social media analysis app and it now has a brand new version for marketers to get to grips with.

Version two of the company’s proprietary live tracking app is said to have been under development for a year. The updated product keeps tabs on thousands of brand pages on Facebook, brand accounts in Twitter and brand channels in YouTube.

Zenith has improved the app’s support of ‘owned first ‘ strategies for clients so it can now track brands in Instagram with the help of smartphone and tablet touchscreen optimisations.

‘Owned first’

‘Owned first’ is a way for brands to prioritise owned media assets when devising strategy, according to ZenithOptimedia’s global communications planning director, Sean Healy.

“ZenithOptimedia is helping brands to create authentic user experiences by placing owned media assets at the forefront  of their communications strategies. We call this owned first and it is an exciting way to boost ROI.”

“Socialtools is a cutting edge app that enables brands to make the right owned first choices by gleaning critical insights from wealth of social media data.”

Compare and contrast

Trends, norms and benchmarks can be reported for each brand’s social performance and compared against competitors across 104 categories in 123 countries with the app’s assistance.

Brands can use Socialtools to answer questions relating to growing and engaging with fans and followers on social media, the social leaders in their category and why, their own brand’s daily social performance versus their competitors, and how they can learn from committed brands users.

The app is currently tracking 46,358 Facebook brands across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.