Retail publisher FashionChick has announced launch plans for a trio of new markets as it looks to grow its international presence.

During Performance Marketing Insights: Europe, Fashionchick’s UK manager Kavita Verryth revealed that the publisher was almost ready to go live in Austria, Belgium and Australia, having created technical platforms and undertaken market research.

Calling the decision to move into the countries an ‘interesting choice’, Verryth described how part of Fashionchick’s strategy was to use resource in other countries to support the expansion.

“The reasoning behind the decision to move these countries is that we really want to go in with a low content, duplicate-type strategy. For Austria, we can run that and duplicate that out of the German team, Belgium out of our Dutch team and Australia out of the UK.”

Minimising outgoings

The benefits to Fashionchick’s expansion are that overheads will be kept to minimum due to the limited amount of staff that will be required, while simultaneously testing the new markets for potential and profitability.

After launching in July and August, Verryth, who is being tasked with Australia’s rollout, says Fashionchick is adopting a strict trial phase that could end with the halting of operations if the country is not meeting performance expectations.

“Pending how that goes within six months we will be able to assess and see whether we can continue working in those market, whether it is worth putting some marketing budget behind it, getting some local people on the ground and really continuing that push.