Global voucher publisher RetailMeNot has released new research showing a gulf between digital marketing confidence and actual spend on the channel.

Factoring in the views of 204 marketing decision-makers, respondents to RetailMeNot’s survey revealed that 75% believe digital advertising delivers a higher return on investment than offline advertising, including circulars and direct mail.

RetailMeNot’s findings could be seen as at odds with the DMA’s own research into the value of print advertising in the consumer path, which stated there was still a role for advertising mail, door drops and inserts.

Subdued spend

The overarching feeling of confidence in digital marketing is not translating into outlay, however, as spend in retail versus offline marketing is still 51% compared to 49%.

There is a glimmer of hope for digital growth, though, with 82% saying that they believe their digital marketing budget will increase in the next three to five years, whereas 39% think their offline marketing budget will stay the same or decrease in the same period.

When it came to incorporating both channels, less than one in five said that their current omnichannel strategy was extremely effective, suggesting there is still work to do in combining the mediums of print and digital.

A full breakdown containing all of RetailMeNot’s research can be seen in the infographic below: