Cash-hungry consumers can now use just one simple application to search for the lowest rate lender available to them with, a new entrant in the financial vertical.

Potential borrowers will have access to a range of lenders on, including short-term, peer to peer, guarantor, secured and instalment loans. There is the potential for them to borrow anything from £1,000 to £50,000 on terms from six to 60 months.

Quintessential, the company behind Pingtree, which powers, has set out to provide a site that makes it possible for users to borrow money more quickly than if they were to go through a comparison publisher.

Pingtree under the hood

Pingtree gives’s search facility access to over 30 lenders, including UK high street names along with several non-conventional brands, such as guarantor lender Amigo and peer-to-peer lender Rate Setter.

Speaking of the newcomer, Greg Cox, Quintessential’s chief executive and co-founder, believes it could be the next big thing in the UK loans market.

“The personal loans market has undergone something of a transformation in the past few years, with new lenders coming into the market and establishing themselves as viable alternatives to more traditional options,” Cox explained.

“We aim to give customers access to the market but, rather than just presenting customers with a list of lenders in a comparison table, our proposition aims to offer clients the ability to just complete one application and find the lender with the lowest rate that actually wants their custom.”