Turbine, a data management platform (DMP), from programmatic media and technology platform Xaxis, has been unveiled, having seen more than $25 million of investment pumped into its development.

Turbine’s DMP approach is said to be unheard of in data science circles because of how it creates audience segments in real time and then actions them in premium inventory across all digital channels.

The new, always-on analysis of raw, anonymous data streams helps advertisers find and take advantage of new opportunities in minutes rather than hours, which is a far cry from the two-step process widely used today.

Turbine halves cost per acquisition

Big data’s moment in the spotlight may have passed, but Mark Grether, global COO of Xaxis, believes there is still a gap in the market for improved interpretation and actioning.

“Turbine represents the next step in our ongoing evolution, enabling our clients to extract more meaning more quickly from the massive amounts of anonymous big data being generated on a moment by moment basis,” Grether said.

“In a recent UK study, Xaxis data drove at least a 50% reduction in cost per acquisition versus third-party data.”

Proprietary audiences

Another key benefit being touted by Xaxis is that advertisers are not limited to the same third-party data being used by marketers everywhere else because of Turbine’s proprietary audiences.

More than two trillion anonymous data points, along with predictive modelling algorithms, machine learning and advanced semantic technology, help Turbine respond to new behavioural patterns and make improved decisions quicker.

When working in tandem with Xaxis execution platforms, Turbine has access to a wide range of brand-safe inventory throughout the online video, social, display, mobile, Internet radio and digital-out-of-home channels.