Online basket sizes in London are substantially more than other parts of the UK, according to new research from big data company, Qubit.

London-based order values for internet purchases are £268 on average compared to £100 for the rest of the UK’s shoppers.

Desktop computers are the biggest contributor to Londoners’ online purchasing as they spend far more on these than other UK folk, whereas for mobile and tablet the roles are reversed.

Picky Londoners

Given the contrast between basket sizes it would make sense for internet retailers to target this demographic, but Qubit advises against this.

While residents of Great Britain’s capital spend more with each purchase, Qubit’s Customer Experience Management platform found that the conversion rate is 2.07%, lower than 2.32% of the rest of the UK.

Search is less important part for Londoners, with only 27% using it to find what they are looking for compared to 30% outside of London. Going directly to the site is preferred by London consumers, as almost 10% more do this than non-londoners.

Personalisation and geo-targeting

Adding geo-targeting and personalisation features to a website is one way that retailers can make the most out of these two different-spending subsets of consumers, suggests Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit.

“The sort of discrepancies that this data shows graphically demonstrates the power of geographic analytics,” Cooke said. “If you can understand regional behaviours online and then personalise your website to take those things into account you’re going to turbocharge your sales.”

“For example, you might give non-Londoners a money-off deal to encourage them to buy whilst a big-spending Londoner might be more tempted by same day delivery or other convenience factors.”