European affiliate management agency, nonstopConsulting, has completed a formal rebrand of its company and will now be known as United Digital Group.

Jules Bazley, former nonstopConsulting UK country manager, now operating in the same capacity at UDG, is hoping to give clients a more multi-channel approach by taking advantage of the group’s range of digital services.

“The rebranding to UDG United Digital Group enables us to move forward with our plans to become a leading full service digital agency,” Bazley said.

“UDG London now has the ability to deliver a substantially enhanced portfolio of proven services to our clients in the UK and internationally.”

More channels

Performance marketing operations will be supplemented with consulting on a number of channels including data analysis, systems, technology, branding relations, site, portal, systems, media and operations.

Now encompassing 11 offices since the name change, UDG spans across a number of locations in Germany and the UK. Internationally, the company will have a combined 650 employees and 1,500 brands.

UDG started out in 2011 when nonstopConsulting announced it was to become a founding member of a holding company called United Digital Group, with eight other independent digital agencies.

Shareholders in nonstopConsulting then became shareholders in UDG. Additional financial backing from Swedish private equity firm EQT helped to get the venture off the ground and into a period of growth.

A digital priority

Since joining UDG last May, CEO Jessica Peppel-Schulz has been preparing for the refocusing on digital that she feels will build on 2013’s gross revenues, due to exceed €100 million for the whole 12 months.

“The world is digital. Interaction between consumers and brands has to be authentic, part of a dialogue, interconnected and happening in real time,” Peppel-Schulz explained.

“The UDG United Digital Group now offers to develop digitalisation strategies for brands, implement unique brand experiences and bring these to measurable success. All from one agency.”