Search analytics company, HeyStaks Technologies, has announced a product that lets mobile operators use their subscribers’ data for the purposes of display advertising.

The new intent-driven advertising product helps mobile operators build profiles of subscribers’ interests, which is of great assistance to advertiser’s hoping to target the right person with a specific campaign.

HeyStaks gathers the data from when consumers express a current need or intent that could simply be when they search for a product on their mobile. The profile it compiles takes into account contextual factors like location, time of day and individual preference.

Mobile display competition

By giving them the opportunity to license out their subscribers’ browsing habits, Dr Maurice Coyle, co-founder and CEO of HeyStaks, hopes to give mobile operators a chance to compete with more established display advertising networks.

“Our aim is to make it possible for mobile operators to generate new revenues from the vast amounts of web activity that they process on their networks every day and to recover the value that they are currently losing to over-the-top providers,” Coyle said.

Partnerships with data management platforms, demand-side platforms and ad exchanges mean that operators do not have to invest in their own in-house advertising business units or platforms to make full use of HeyStaks.