Russian search engine Yandex continues its stampede towards the west with news that it will be opening its first German office.

Based in Karl-Liebknecht-Straße, Berlin, the new office will be concentrating on research and development along with the global version of mapping service, Yandex Maps.

Germany’s capital was selected because of the many universities that could supply capable talent, a lively startup scene and what Yandex says is an ‘optimal’ cost of living.

Yandex expects to have installed 30-40 software engineers and user interface designers in its new premises by the end of 2014, while there is enough capacity for 130 people to fill with 30-40 workstations.

Berlin will be Yandex’s third office in Europe. Three vacancies for a C++ Software Engineer, C++ Software Engineer for Yandex Maps and a Senior C++ Software Engineer are currently being advertised.