Remarketing outfit, SaleCycle, has announced it will be entering a period of heightened growth as details emerge about the firms strategy for the next 12 months.

Headquartered in north-east England, the company will be hiring 150 new staff members to meet demand from its brand clients. Less than a quarter will be based in these premises, yet the company is proud of its beginnings.

SaleCycle may have spread to other part parts of the world, but the company’s senior recruiter, Rachel Cook, believes it can still support its place of origin.

“We’re proud of our north east roots and make an effort to recruit people from the local talent pool,” Cook said.

“I spend a great deal of time speaking with talented individuals across the region and I’m reminded that what we’ve achieved here at SaleCycle, and what we’re yet to achieve, is testament to just what the north east is capable of.”

Global expansion

The other 105 will likely pop up in SaleCycle’s other global offices in London, Singapore and the US. Roles will cover a variety of positions from entry level to senior management and work is being undertaken with universities to ensure graduates are aware of these opportunities.

By the end of this financial year, SaleCycle’s founder, Dominic Edmunds, wants to reach a revenue target that is not only in the millions of dollars, but is well into double figures.

“We’re very proud of our achievements to date, however we have a huge growth opportunity ahead of us as we look to increase our annual turnover to more than $15 million in the next financial year.”

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