Talk of mobile uptake in the UK being significantly more than countries elsewhere in Europe might be far-fetched, according to Dutch performance marketing network, Daisycon.

UK mobile data from Affiliate Window has share of traffic for tablets at 14% in the UK, which is only a small lead on Daisycon’s 13% figure for the Netherlands. Traffic from Dutch smartphones stands at 16% and that is marginally more than the UK’s 15%.

Media agency, ZenithOptimedia, released its own forecast that seems to support Daisycon’s findings. Dutch tablet penetration of 41% was higher than the USA’s 35% and the UK’s 31%. By 2016 Netherlands uptake will grow to 67%.

Apple on top

Daisycon says that Apple is leading Samsung in clicks, which is a trend we have seen before in display. Apple iPhone accounts for 33% of clicks, Samsung smartphones managed 28% and the 39% went to nine other brands.

Apple’s lead widens even more when comparing tablet clicks. Samsung tablets contributed to 27% of clicks compared to iPad’s 58% and 18 other brands made up the final 15% portion.

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are struggling to dedicate sufficient resources in mobile. Only 34% of SMEs in the Netherlands have optimised their website for mobile users, but the picture is much worse in the UK where only 8% support smaller screen devices.