As 2013 draws to a close it gives us a chance to reflect on a busy year of events and none stand out more than this year’s sparkling Performance Marketing Awards.

Revered in the industry as a night of glamour and opulence, the Awards, presented by PerformanceIN, provide an opportunity to recognise and reward outstanding performance marketing. We spoke to Performance Marketing Awards judge, Jason Norris, Amazon Partnership Manager at LOVEFiLM, to get his thoughts on this year’s entries, the importance of optimisation, team work and what he’d like to see in entries for 2014.

For those looking to enter in 2014, read on for Jason’s tips on crafting the perfect entry and predictions for the Performance Marketing Awards 2014.

Why is it vital that award categories are moulded around industry trends?

Jason Norris: Awards must always change and update to reflect what matters. There is no point having an award if no one is entering due to lack of interest, or it is just not big enough to be part of the discussion. Performance marketing otherwise would just be seen as stale.


How important are events such as this to the performance marketing industry?

JN: Well this is the big event for performance marketing, it shines a light on a lot of hard work and allows people to mingle and catch up on recent events. It is important that people get to feel their hard work is recognised. It also gives a focus to your work, you should be thinking of how it can be award winning and something you can be proud of.

Could you summarise the calibre and variety of the 2013 entries?

JN: I was very impressed. I was given a lot of categories to judge and had hoped I could judge all quite quickly. But I found I had to look at all in each category to understand the level of quality and grade accordingly. Some of course seem light weight but several were hugely impressive.

What were the most common industry-related trends that you noticed in entries this year?

JN: One thing I remember is work across teams – network/agency/client.

Can you give your top tips on crafting the perfect award entry?

JN: I always wanted to see numbers, but they should also be numbers that make sense. I am more impressed with 15% growth on a project that was hard work and already doing well than 90% from a smaller base to begin with that was easier. Optimisation and consistent long term improvement impress me most.  

What would you like to see more of, or less of, in the entries for 2014?

JN: Solid facts are always good, use of hyperbole statements can grate when reading several entries in a row stating similar claims.

What are your predictions for the type of entries we may see at next year’s Performance Marketing Awards?

JN: Continued success in mobile moving to tablet focused campaigns that understand the difference, as well as more time brands supporting new ideas.

On April 29th 2014 hundreds of attendees, top sponsors and key industry players will fill the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane for an exclusive night of networking, entertainment and of course, the outcome of the esteemed Performance Marketing Awards

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