International Coupons, owners of UK voucher website, has announced that its Greek site is now up and running. will help Greek consumers save money online using discount codes and deals for online stores. Online retailers will benefit from a new user base that may not have visited without the promise of savings.

The launch makes it number 20 for the international chain of voucher code websites, which has been operating since 2008. Two months ago the company commenced operations in Slovakia with

Greek online inactivity

Less than a fifth of the population in Greece are active internet users, but, despite the six-year financial depression that has engulfed the country, e-commerce is on the up. Online sales in 2012 hit €2.9 billion, with predictions of a 40% increase during the next few years.

As victims of the recession, Greeks have had to look for other ways to save those all-important cents, says Denis Miroforidis, the Greek market specialist at International Coupons. Like other countries voucher websites are helping to ease consumers’ budget woes.

“Greeks love shopping but the previous crisis caused the necessity to tighten their belts and made Greeks more savvy shoppers,” Miroforidis said. “They search carefully for any deals and offers which can help them save money when buying online. Therefore our service is ideal for them

International Coupons’ research states that while there is positive movement, the numbers for e-business are unsatisfactory. On the plus side, this equates to growth potential and hopes it can plug the gap that has been missing in Greece’s online space.