Talk to advertisers and one of their main gripes with modern marketing will be the separated silos of offline and online. It is this concern that intelligence provider, Exponential Interactive, hopes to have addressed as part of a new partnership.

Database marketing and behavioural targeting service, I-Behaviour, has started working with Exponential to target online shoppers based on their historical high street purchasing behaviour.

Over 100 merchants have helped build I-Behaviour’s database of £5.5 billion worth of UK purchase transactions. It has been merged with other details including consumer demographic and lifestyle information, for example, holiday travel and leisure interests.

Connecting Worlds

Linking offline and online purchasing means consumers should no longer be pigeon holed into one or the other, according to Exponential UK managing director, Niki Stoker.

“It’s much easier for advertisers to find their target audiences online and to create more tailored ads that appeal to them,” Stoker said. “It’s about recognising people not just as online audiences, but as audiences online.”

“For example, a supermarket chain could target groups of people online who regularly spend over £100 a week at a competitor’s store, a travel company could target people who go on at least two European holidays a year, while a cereal manufacturer could target families with young children that buy multiple cereal brands.”

All of I-Behaviour’s knowledge base can be aggregated to build audiences such as home electronics buyers. Before sharing the information with Exponential, anything personally identifiable is stripped from it to create an anonymous dataset.