Many a company has tried to tweak the traditional QR code in an effort to drive take up among consumers. From their use in CPA print campaigns to a slight reinvention as invisible marker images, there continues to be minimal mass-market impact.

Despite this, something in QR code and mobile page design platform, Visualead, has caught the eye of venture capitalists, Kaedan Capital and Entrée Capital, as they have deemed it prudent to invest $1.6 million in the company.

Visualead’s platform is used by 200,000 small to medium-sized businesses worldwide, suggesting there is still an appetite from businesses looking at QR codes to combine online advertising with offline promotional activities.

DIY QR Codes

This preliminary funding round is being siphoned into Visualead’s Do-it-Yourself platform, which can be used by advertisers to design their own QR codes and mobile pages campaigns, with the aim of developing and growing said brand.

Additionally, Visualead, a relative newcomer having only been founded in 2012, is hoping a little extra financial clout will aid the distribution of its white label solutions and push through its worldwide intellectual property strategy.

Founder and CEO of Visualead, Nevo Alva, believes QR codes are still unrivalled when it comes to attracting potential customers to mobile and revealed that the company’s system can quadruple client revenue.

“We help businesses interact with their customers and grow their business. Visual QR codes are creative, branded and the most effective way to draw potential customers into mobile.” Alva said. “Our platform is super easy to use and increases campaign ROI by up to 400%, any business should use it.”