Privately held company, Ideal Media, has decided to boost its content marketing services by snapping up Feedbox, a native advertising network.

Feedbox gains a consumer’s attention by offering up relevant content to what the user is reading on a given website. The native ads sit within pages of editorial on subjects such as current affairs, entertainment, lifestyle, sport and technology.

Word combinations and images are recognised by an auto-optimising system inside Feedbox. Ad units then adapt in real time, depending on the campaigns that are attracting the most visitors to promoted content.

Ideal Media is hoping to incorporate Feedbox technology with its own to help marketers increase visitor levels to their branded content. The result could mean a surge in social media interaction, dwell time, page views and video views.

Switched-on Readership

Chief executive officer of Ideal Media, Eder Holguin, says the new combined company will be greatly beneficial to content marketers as it drives traffic, which is actively seeking information on an advertised subject.

“The Ideal Media platform takes the guesswork out of content marketing by proactively seeding opportunities for consumers to access brands’ content across multiple digital channels,” Holguin said. “This guarantees targeted, responsive audiences for branded content as well as maintaining its visibility, which optimises its value.”

PerformanceIN understands that Ideal Media will be reviewing all of Feedbox’s current clients to ensure they adhere to its own stricter guidelines. Decisions will be made on whether to continue or discontinue these agreements.