Two months ago many of the world’s top performance marketers congregated in Amsterdam for a4uexpo Europe, featuring two days of top-level conference sessions.

Several tracks operated simultaneously, giving delegates multiple options for subjects they might be interested. The only downside being that there may have been some clashes, but we’re solving this by releasing videos from the best sessions.

We’ve already released the keynote video, where Deann Harvey, DG Media’s vice president of of Europe, the Middle East and Africa, talked about the impact today’s multi-screen world is having on consumers and how marketers can take advantage.

Now it is time to share some more recordings from the event, so don’t forget to bookmark this page. You don’t want to miss any of the recordings as we publish more videos over the coming weeks.

CRO: It is All Psychological

Successful conversion optimisation is not an art, but a science. It requires an in-depth understanding of human psychology, cognitive principles and scientific methodologies. Therefore it is time to lift the lid on what it takes to optimise effectively.

This session explains how the application of simple cognitive principles can be applied to website design and usability, how the art of persuasion can be leveraged through basic scientific methods and how all this can affect a visitor’s mind-set and their eventual conversion.

Maximising the Publisher / Network Relationship

While some SME publishers focus on trying to gain ground and reach those dizzy top-tier heights, others have enough trouble just trying to get a network to look at them, let alone keep up once they reach the summit.

Short of a big arrow sign and a neon jacket, this video will reveal to publishers how ‘not’ to be ignored by a network, while gaining insight into hot topics such as relationship building with advertisers.

Performance Marketing in the Netherlands

As the host country for this year’s pan-European a4uexpo, it was a great opportunity to put together a panel of Dutch affiliate and performance marketers to share insights on the market’s landscape throughout the Netherlands.

The panel shared its views on building brands to increase customer retention and how to add value. The latest mobile opportunities that are gracing the market were showcased along with details on adapting to the changing consumer habits surrounding the customer journey.

Understanding the Future Customer Journey Through Attribution

Attribution adoption for marketing campaigns has grown considerably over recent years. There is currently more pressure on performance-based employees to deal with issues like cross channel attribution, multiple touch-points, return-on-ad spend, new versus returning customers and tag management.

Today, many advertisers are focusing on leveraging the entire customer journey instead of a single interaction, and the evolution of attribution over the coming year is one that encompasses many channels including the mix of cross, omni, multi, and agile, marketing.

This panel shares insight into how attribution has evolved within their respective companies and client base over the past 12 months, before focusing insight into how measurement and targeting of attribution models are being revised to encompass today’s agile consumer.