Disrupting the mobile advertising space is the new challenge for Adello, a Europe-based programmatic media-buying platform, which has just announced a merger with big data company, HStreaming.

HStreaming touts the ability to balance petabytes of data analysis with task of computing analytics in a few seconds. The company believes it can disrupt programmatic buying, the application of artificial intelligence and big data to bid on advertising inventory, with targeting accuracy.

Chief executive officer of Adello, Mark Forster, said his company has already been stablemates with HStreaming, which led to him being impressed by the speed with which it is able to compute display algorithms.

“We have been working with HStreaming for many months and knew that real-time machine learning could bring advertising to a totally new level,” Forster said. “The technology is so powerful that we update our targeting strategies 100,000 times a second which gives our customers unprecedented performance.”

HStreaming Becomes Adello

The two companies have offices in the UK, US, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Austria, and Hungary. There have been some staff and management changes, but both will now operate under the Adello brand.

Management roles at the defunct Hstreaming are being shaken up with Dr Volkmar Uhlig, known for his work on scalable low latency systems, slotting into the chief technology position. He will be working with Dr Katrin Schulz who is now head of analytics.

Responsibility for the team at the technology centre in Karlsruhe falls to Dr Jan Stoess as the new vice president of engineering, who will be helping to develop the platform. Whereas current HStreaming CEO, Jana Uhlig, is being given the title of group chief marketing officer and general manager for Adello Americas.