Until now, the most common way to link print advertising with digital devices was through QR codes, but smartphone app Pounce, is hoping it can give consumers and advertisers an alternative.

Pounce is a secure mobile app that aims to make shopping a more convenient task for consumers by letting them buy goods they have seen in print media. It uses image recognition technology to scan product images before enabling a product to be purchased in less than 30 seconds.

Mobile payment validation service, Jumio, released a study showing how 47% of people are discouraged by the length of the mobile purchasing process and 23% have been on the receiving end of a transaction that fails to go through.

More Efficient Buying Process

Like most modern e-commerce-related apps, Pounce, has tried to put a stop to a consumer being put off by the potential for long transaction. It does this by storing payment details, which Avital Yachin, founder and chief executive officer of Pounce, feels makes shoppers’ lives easier.

“Print media is a great shopping tool for consumers, but it comes with a time-delay between the initial intent and the actual transaction,” Yachin said.

“Pounce removes that interruption, empowering consumers with the option to purchase a product right then and there, instead of going online or driving to a store.”

Circulars and print media from Staples, Ace Hardware, Toys “R” Us, Babies “R” Us and Target are currently supported by the app, with more apparently not far away. Pounce says it can integrate with a retailer’s online store using their checkout method to process orders.

Monitoring Print Performance

Being able to keep tabs on the performance of a print campaign is a big plus for Lester Holze, vice president of business development at ShopLocal, a company that provides brands and agencies with solutions to reach shoppers.

“Pounce’s intuitive technology turns print media into a real-time shopping experience, which is ideal for retail outlets looking to enhance mobile sales and track the results of a print ad campaign,” Holze said.

Analytics are available for Pound advertisers keen on delving deeper into the performance of campaigns. The app can build a sales report with details and success rates generated by purchase transactions.