Big data platform, Qubit, has announced a new product for its portfolio called Opentag Enterprise. The new tag management package is only available to e-commerce businesses with websites that top 10 million page views per month.

Qubit’s Universal Variable data model, which gives information on customer patterns, is included in Opentag Enterprise. It can be hosted on a business’ own Content Delivery Network (CDN) and boasts CPA de-duplication and privacy consent modules.

Chief executive officer of Qubit, Graham Cooke, felt there were some clear disadvantages of his company’s product range and alluded to this as one of the main reasons for a more enterprise-focused offering.

“Marketers want to touch and feel their website, yet understand their customers’ preferences as the deciding factor in how to present the shopping experience,” Cooke said. “While the explosion of TMS has brought utility, it comes hand-in-hand with inefficiencies and limited options for enterprise customers.”

Appetite for Data Still High

Uptake of Qubit’s tag management system has seen growth of 600% in the last six months. Users of the Enterprise edition are said to be better able at taking control of unstructured data in addition to understanding motivations and buying behaviours.

As you might expect there are enterprise-specific features. Now businesses with multiple sites can copy scripts across containers and accounts. Custom JavaScript code mistakes can also be identified and it’s possible to share the comment history or script changes of every container.

These features are all aimed at improving the way businesses analyse their data and, according to Cooke, it’s this data that should be central to the strategy that boosts conversion among consumers.

“Structured data needs to be the guide if a retailer wants to reach the highest conversion rates,” Cooke revealed. “As critical as speed and agility are, better data and ways of understanding data, create the effective strategies necessary to inspire increased website sales.”