Complicated captchas could be a headache of the past if a new slant on the human-testing algorithm by performance-based branding company, Solve Media, sees good take up after its launch in Europe.

Solve Media’s Type-In technology gives captchas a branding overhaul. Advertisers are able to engage through the captcha by integrating display, video, pre-roll and mobile formats into the area surrounding the data input box.

There are benefits to building a captcha around a piece of creative. Solve is guaranteeing brand message delivery in addition to increased recall rates and return on investment for advertisers.

Basic Marketing Principles

Type-In makes use of one the core strategies for any marketer that’s looking to ensure a consumer absorbs the brand message they’re trying to instil, according to Ari Jacoby, chief executive officer and co-founder at Solve Media.

“Solve Media’s Type-In platform is based on one of advertising’s age-old principles: engage with audiences where they already are, gain their attention with your message and help them recall it by having them repeat it,” Jacoby said.

Publishers are kept happy through having an additional stream of revenue for their website. Whereas the consumers leave the site having had an overall better user experience because Type-In generally more straightforward.

Instead of the distorted words, numbers and phrases that can cause much angst among users of regular captcha tests, Type-In uses a simple logo, a brand message in quotes and an input box.

Pay-on-performance Metric

Advertisers are only charged when messages are read and typed correctly. The engagement rates for Type-In often exceed 40%, a figure that really puts the boot into standard online display units’ 1%.

MasterCard is already signed up after Type-In’s success in the USA. The company’s business leader for Europe, Guillaume Conteville, has seen the comScore figures that prove the technology’s effectiveness.

“Solve Media’s Type-In solution has enabled MasterCard to directly access consumer attention that was previously untapped. ComScore surveys proved that MasterCard’s Type-In campaigns vastly outperformed the standard display industry benchmarks,” revealed Conteville.