Personalised advertising retargeting company, Criteo, has announced the acquisition of AD-X Tracking, which lets brands and agencies keep tabs on the performance of their in-app mobile ads.

AD-X Tracking makes it possible for brands to gain exposure through hundreds of mobile ad networks and demand-side platforms by exploiting in-app events and downloads. Feedback is available on the sources that deliver the most engaged and relevant users.

In a nod to the current trend for multi-screen campaigns, Criteo’s chief executive officer (CEO), JB Rudelle, has spoken of how his company is now well placed to give clients the tools to market their products across several devices.

“Our clients are increasingly looking to track the effectiveness of their marketing spend across all platforms, as well as identify the most valuable users of their service across all channels,” Rudelle said. “We can now offer this full intelligence via a sophisticated technology solution across mobile devices.”

Multi-device Tracking

Both companies are set to provide clients with a platform to create performance display creative that is relevant to consumers. Result-tracking capabilities and support for smartphones and tablets is a benefit not lost on managing director of AD-X at Criteo, David Philippson, who was full of praise for the company’s new owner.

“Criteo’s proven ability to scale its technology platform across more than 30 countries will benefit AD-X as we look to further develop and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our solution for all our existing and future customers,” said Philippson.

Although the two companies have become one, Criteo is choosing to keep AD-X separate where it will continue as a standalone product for advertisers and app developers.  However, Criteo did say there will be more investment in its analytics and attribution technology.