Affiliate Window has launched the third in its yearly series of m-commerce white papers. The latest edition provides a recap of the network’s monthly Mobile Update reports, with various facts and figures on how consumers are interacting with advertisers’ products.

As revealed in the May edition of the Mobile Update, Affiliate Window has disclosed that 22% of traffic and 18% of sales are now delivered through mobile handset and tablet devices. These figures have come a long way since the first white paper that boasted 3.5% traffic and 5% sales.

The paper goes onto compare Android and iPhone platforms. Perhaps a worrying finding is that Android’s share of sales has steadily declined since the turn of the year, which was not the case during the same period in 2012.

Extreme Changes in Monthly Clicks

Clicks across the two main mobile platforms are, what can only be described as, ‘all over the ‘shop. In the six months from May to September there was sustained Android click growth, but since then no uniformity on iPhone or Android has been recorded.

Conversion rates have risen steadily over the years since the launch of the first white paper too. November and December have both lived up to their billing as the two busiest months of the year for advertisers.

Christmas was not  the only green period for Affiliate Window though. In the white paper, the network also goes into detail about how Easter saw a traffic spike on tablets and handsets, but a fairly big drop on the desktop.

It is speculated that office workers step away from their desktops at weekends, which would include Easter. Instead they are favouring tablets for home use and smartphones for when they are out and about.

For more on Affiliate Window’s mobile findings from the past year, you can download the white paper from its site.