Online shopping portal, Set That, has launched to give consumers a unique slant on viewing retailers’ products. The social commerce publisher lets consumers explore ‘sets’ of products that have been compiled and curated by other site users.

Curators are able to earn 2% commission on any item that generated a sale as a result of their set. Consumers have the option of banking the money in their PayPal account or donating the funds to one of four charities.

Set That has managed to secure more than 100 international retailers. John Lewis, Bloomingdales,, Marks & Spencer, StrawberryNET, Habitat and Appliances Online are all receiving traffic and sales from the site.

Origins in Australia

The s-commerce publisher is the brainchild of co-creators, Kim Westwood and Liz Tehan. The two hail from Australia where they are already attracting investor interest from their homeland and abroad.

Tehan referred to the assistance provided by global performance marketing networks in getting the project off the ground and how they helped secure various retailers ready for the site’s launch.

“Utilising relationships formed with Retailers through international affiliate marketing networks has been a great way to enter the market,” Tehan said. “We can work with those interested to bring their products to people through this innovative marketing model.”

Sharing Through Social Media

Social media is used by Set That to help crowds and friends communicate and aggregate information about online stores, products and brands. Set creators are also able to share their efforts with others through this marketing channel.

Some lofty targets are already in place for Set That. It hopes to have 300 registered stores before the year is out and, by the end of 2015, it expects to have grown the number of retailers to 3000.

Set That anticipates that stores will showcase 1.5 million products to 200,000 users this year, but by 2015 the site envisages swelling its products to 15 million and having a user base of 2.5 million.