Active is Celltick’s tool for customising the Android lock screen. It was originally intended for consumers, but the company, which considers itself a mobile leader in initiated commerce, has been targeting brands and marketers with new features.

Merchants and publishers can use Active to offer mobile vouchers at, according to Celltick, a fraction of the cost of other mobile coupon providers. Under the hood there’s targeting technology that displays the right goods and services on a consumer’s phone at the right time.

Celltick’s Real Time Coupon Server is the technology that facilitates the targeting. Consumers with an interest in a certain brand are highlighted and sent a coupon. The concept is primed for use by publishers that will be able to make use of Celltick’s understanding of local consumer behaviour and cultures.

Consumer Acceptance

The content appears to have struck a chord with consumers. The app has seen more than 1.6 million downloads in the few months since its initial launch and chief operating office of Celltick, Ronen Daniel, puts this down to the support it has received from global partners.

“The consumer acceptance in turn makes our value proposition more compelling to operators, internet companies and handset manufacturers that we are partnering with for content and e-commerce offers,” said Daniel.

“The strong vote of confidence from consumers is a testament that the features of the solution, as well as intelligently targeted offers and content, are resonating with our customers.”

Relevant Vouchers

Consumers benefit because they’re delivered free content and relevant vouchers. The Active app makes use of a handset’s GPS feature to send a consumer local deals to suit their interests and needs.

Tier one operators, large media companies and handset manufacturers have all been making use of Active for their user base. They’ve likely been drawn to the apps large ecosystem of themes and content plugins.

The latest release featured a music player control widget on the lock screen, a battery life indicator and a date/clock widget that users can access directly from their mobile phone start screens. Celltick plans to continue its rollout of frequently requested features.