Affiliate Window has revealed new insights into how mobile devices are performing on its network. The latest stats show the percentage of sales through mobile devices are the highest recorded by the company.

During the month of April, Affiliate Window’s share of sales through mobile devices broke the 15% barrier for the first time. The proportion of mobile sales rose from 14.2% in March to 16.4% in April.

The big jump from March to April bettered December sales. It’s an impressive feat as the holiday period is not only a big month for retailers, but there’s also a new wave of devices that come into circulation after being received as gifts.

Year-on-year increases were even more impressive when filtering out the sales from tablets. During April, the percentage of sales from only handsets doubled from a little over 3% in 2012 to 6.7% this year.

OS Updates Fuel Conversions

One particularly interesting titbit from Affiliate Window’s figures is its conversion rates by device graph. There’s a very clear spike from Blackberry devices during the final few months of last year, which has tailed off since.

The rapid rise could be explained by the former ‘Research In Motion’ undergoing some substantial changes during the period of the conversion spike. The Canadian mobile company rebranded to BlackBerry, launched a new operating system in BlackBerry 10 and unveiled the Z10, its flagship device.

Advertisers would be wise to keep an eye on forthcoming mobile developments. News of Apple iOS7 and a tweaked version of the iPhone 5 may come at its Worldide Developers Conference (WWDC), for release in fall this year.

Google on the other hand has been keeping relatively quiet on the latest iteration of its own mobile operating system. Speculation that Key Lime Pie or as it’s also known, Android 5.0, could come at the search giant’s IO conference later this month might not be wide off the mark.

Overall Conversions See Gradual Improvement

Conversion rates across all devices have dropped off since the heady heights of late 2012 where they topped out at nearly 4.5%. They’re still improving year-on-year, though, with a rate of 3.4% being recorded last month compared to about 2.6% in April 2012.

Little has been revealed by the other networks about how they’re coping with mobile tracking, but Affiliate Window has spoken of its intention to track 100% of its clients through mobile and what lengths it considered to achieve this target.

The network was rewarded recently for its work in the mobile arena. Affiliate Window topped the Network Innovation category at the Performance Marketing Awards for its ‘Making Mobile Count’ initiative that raised the awareness of mobile tracking among advertisers.